Everything to celebrate at the launch of Redlands Parish Church

We had a lot to celebrate as we marked the launch of our new “Redlands Parish Church” identity and also celebrated two very special birthdays at St Luke’s and St Bart’s on Sunday.

Our new identity brings together all of the very many activities that we get involved with as a parish. Whether that’s our community outreach, social activities, parish hall, wonderful garden, theatre space at St Bart’s or, most importantly, the worship of God that gives them all a purpose, it is all encompassed by the new identity and embodied by every person who will be a part of it, both right now and in the years to come.

Christine and Jane helped St Bart’s mark the launch, with a thoughtful service that reminded us of God’s call to us to reach out and take caring, positive action to spread God’s love in the world in times of change. At St Luke’s Graeme led a messy church session that saw the younger members of the congregation recreating the logo¬† using their hands and a lot of paint, before rounding the service off with a rousing chorus of “He’s got the whole world in his hands”.

After the services celebrating the birth of our new identity we also celebrated the birthdays of Libby and Leah who were marking their 70th and 7th birthdays!

There was plenty of cake – featuring our fabulous new logo – and fizz to go round as we launched this exciting new chapter in the life of our parish.