Festive fun at Carol-oke

Our annual carol-oke evening was a rousing occasion once again as St Bart’s provided the backdrop to everyone’s favourite carols.

The idea of carol-oke is to get together with mulled wine, mince pies and a piano to belt out as many of your favourite Christmas tunes as your vocal cords will permit.

Luckily we were strong in voice thanks to the massed ranks of students from Read College of Performing Arts, to whom St Barts isĀ  home during the week. Joining them were a merry crowd from across the parish, with a couple of friendly hounds there for good measure.

We managed to polish off nearly 20 carols, along with several dozen mince pies, a vat of mulled wine and a delicious Christmas cake.

Thanks to Jamie for providing the accompaniment and everyone who came along for making it yet another classic Carol-oke!