Sunday Worship
We are now able to worship together on a Sunday and are holding two Communion services at 10am and 11am to ensure we can keep numbers small.
There are a lot of special measures in place to reduce the risk from Covid 19. Please wear a face covering if you are able.
We are now enjoying hearing the organ played every week and, although we are not yet allowed congregational singing, on St Luke’s Day the choir sang for us. It was so lovely to see and hear them in action again.

Weekly notices
We now have a fairly comprehensive list of emails and are sending out the notices electronically. If you would like to be included, please email us
If you have any photographs or good news stories to add to our weekly Picture Post, please send them to the office email

Weekday Prayer
We are continuing to hold zoom prayers on Tuesday (7pm) and Thursday (midday)

Our All Soul’s Service will be at 3pm on Sunday 1st November
It will be a chance to remember those who have died recently or in the past.
If there are loved ones you would like remembered by name, please email Sarah in the office and we will name them in the service.
We will be zooming the service and the link will be sent with the link for Sunday morning. Let Sarah know if you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive the link

This Week: Daily Prayer

Saturday 24th October

Community Garden 10.30am-12pm please reserve a place in advance

Sunday 25th October

10.00 Said Parish Communion also available via zoom

11.00 Said Communion

Monday 26th October

Community Garden 3.30pm - 4.30pm - please reserve a place in advance

Tuesday 27th October

7pm Night Prayer via zoom

Wednesday 28th October

Thursday 29th October

Midday Prayer via zoom

Friday 30th October

Saturday 31st October

Community Garden 10.30am-12pm - please reserve a place in advance

Sunday 1st November (All Saints Day)

10.00 Said Parish Communion also available via zoom

11.00 Said Communion

3pm All Souls' Service


Last updated Friday 4th September
We are now following the latest guidance and opening for worship on Sundays.
We have carried out a detailed risk assessment and, if you are concerned, the precautions we are taking are detailed below.
We are delighted that many of our Parish Family are able to join us but we will continue to provide zoom links for those of you who do not yet feel able to attend in person.

You will be asked to wear a mask as you enter and to use hand sanitiser
Please enter down the centre aisle and fill the pews from the front so that you do not walk past people already seated.
There are green markers showing where you can sit at a social distance. Households can, of course, sit together.
During the service there will be no singing and reduced congregational responses. Please do respond but don’t shout. It is recommended to keep the service short so we will have one reading, the Gospel, and a short homily.
All the words will be on the screen and the Sunday sheet will continue to be sent by email.
We will sign the peace. There will be no offertory procession and no collection – do please consider the Parish Giving scheme while we can’t have collections (details on the Sunday sheet)
The communion vessels will be prepared in advance by the priest wearing a mask, having thoroughly washed her hands and then used sanitiser
Fresh sets of vessels and linen will be used for each service.
During the consecration the hosts will be in a closed ciborium and communion will be in one kind only (no wine)
Before distribution of communion the priest will put on a mask and sanitise her hands again and also put on gloves.
There will be sanitiser on the front pew for you to use before you receive.
We will not have sidespeople telling you when to leave your pew so please wait until you can maintain 2m from the person before you before leaving your pew.
Please approach the plinth in single file and receive standing at the centre step. Extend your arms as far as you can and the priest will do the same. If she should accidentally touch you, she will change her glove and sanitise again before continuing.
You will only be given the host; we cannot share the wine.
When you have received communion, please return via the side aisles, maintaining a one way system.
If you want to light a candle, this is the moment to do it. You will need to return to your pew via the left (pulpit) aisle where candles will be available. Please touch only your candle.
At the end of the service we won’t be able to offer refreshments
but, if the weather is nice we can distantly socialise on the grass in front of church.
For everyone’s safety you will be asked to leave row by row from the back.

I hope this reassures you that we have done everything possible to keep you safe.

Those of you who are on the mailing list will be asked to reserve a place at 10am or 11am but we are reserving a few places for people who want to worship but are not on our list. Please do just turn up if you want to – you are very welcome.

If you are not on the email list and would like to be, please contact


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