Generations come together to mark Remembrance Sunday 2017

Remembrance services across the Parish brought people together to remember the sacrifices made in war. At St Luke’s the 52nd Scout Group led the flag parade and joined with other members of the congregation in heartfelt prayers of thanks to God for the sacrifices of the past and our hopes for future peace. Special credit must go to Millie for a very moving performance of The Last Post.

Graeme told the story of local resident and St Luke’s member, 19 year old Herbert Waite, who died following the battle of Passchendaele 100 years ago, and to whom our Lady Chapel is dedicated. It was a particularly poignant story for the congregation, many of whom are not much older than Herbert was when he made his sacrifice.

At St Bart’s, Christine helped us to consider the power of memories and the way in which we can actively remember and use the lessons of the past to guide us, with God’s help, into the future.

Both congregations marked their act of remembrance by laying a wreath of poppies and gathering to quietly reflect on what we can do in our everyday lives to work for peace.