Daily Prayer

During Passiontide and Easter please use the daily prayer from Common Worship available from the church of England.

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Weekly notices
We now have a fairly comprehensive list of emails and are sending out the notices electronically. If you would like to be included, please email us

Palm Sunday 

This Sunday is Palm Sunday when we would have ordinarily given out palm crosses and blessed them during the service. The Church of England and the Diocese of Oxford have directed us that we should not give out Palm crosses at this time but have encouraged us to make our own. Below is a link to the Diocese of Oxford’s website where you can find lots of different ideas on how to make your own palm cross. Please do email your efforts and we will put them up on the Facebook page.

Palm Sunday

This Week: Readings for Daily Prayer during Holy Week 5th-12th April

Sunday 5th April Palm Sunday

Oxford Diocese Mass 10am

Monday 6th April

9am Morning Prayer Psalm 41, Lamentations 1. 1-12a, Luke 22. 1-23.

Midday prayer

5pm Evening Prayer Psalm 25, Lamentations 2. 8-19, Colossians 1. 18-23

Holy Week Service 8pm

Tuesday 7th April

9am Morning Prayer Psalm 27, Lamentations 3. 1-18, Luke 22. 39-53

Midday Prayer

5pm Evening Prayer Psalm 55. 13-24, Lamentations 3. 40-51, Galatians 6. 11-end

Holy Week Service 8pm

Wednesday 8th April

9am Morning Prayer Psalm 102. 1-18, Jeremiah 11. 18-20, Luke 22. 54-end

Midday Prayer John

5pm Evening prayer Psalm 88, Isaiah 63. 1-9, Revelation 14. 18-15. 4

Holy Week Service 8pm

Thursday 9th April Maundy Thursday

9am Morning Prayer Psalm 42, Leviticus 16. 2-24, Luke 23. 1-25

Midday Prayer Use the reflections in the Holy Week booklet

5pm Evening Prayer Psalm 39, Exodus 11, Ephesians 2. 11-18

Maundy Thursday Eucharist from the Diocese of Oxford lead by Bishop Colin

Friday 10th April Good Friday

9am Morning Prayer Psalm 69, Genesis 11.1-18, Hebrews 1-,1-10

Midday Prayer

5pm Evening Prayer Psalm 130, Lamentations 5. 15-end, John 19. 38-end

Tenebrae Service in Holy Week Booklet 8pm

Saturday 11th April Holy Saturday

NO Community Garden 10.30am-12pm

Midday Prayer

Sunday 12th April Easter Sunday

No Mass at St Lukes. Service of Light pre-recorded and available here from 9am

10am Live streamed service by the Bishop Steven


Last updated Tuesday 24th March

In light of the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday, the Church building is now closed and all worship and activities have been suspended.

We are conscious that it is at times like this people most want the comfort of regular worship together. However, we must all stay in and isolate as much as we can, to support the work of the health service.

If you need someone to talk to, phone or email and someone will be in touch as soon as possible

Palm Sunday
This Palm Sunday although we cannot physically be together there are things we can do together. You can watch a live streamed service either from the Church of England or from Diocese of Oxford at 10am. There is a link to this above.

Why not try and make your own palm cross?

Below are two links with instructions on how to make you own palm cross either out of paper or card or you could even try and make one out of a long palm leaf or similar of you have one growing in your garden.

How to make a Palm Cross for Palm Sunday


Here is a link from the Diocese of Oxford with lots of ideas for creating palm crosses including crochet!

Palm Sunday

Please email pictures of your home made palm crosses so that we can put them on our website and Facebook page.

Below is a link to a painting by Evans Yegon (AKA Yegonizer) who is an African painter of portraits and landscapes. Originally from Kenya he trained at The Buru Bura Institute of Fine Arts.

The image is of Jesus on a donkey coming into Jerusalem.


Reflect on the picture and think about what it says to you.

Reading and Reflection
Luke 19. 28-41
Jesus sends the disciples to fetch the colt for him to ride on. The disciples were unsure but went anyway. Take a moment to reflect on how you respond to Jesus call. This break from normal life can be a chance to think about future priorities.
Jesus wept for the lost of Jerusalem, we weep for the lost of the world. Take a moment to reflect on your charitable giving and pray for those whom you already support, or choose a charity that helps the lost and make a donation.

Passion Narrative
Here is a link to a recording of the Passion Narrative said by members of Redlands Parish Congregation. Copy and paste it to your browser.


While listening and watching this narrative, why don’t you imagine yourself as one of the characters and ask yourself;

What are you hoping for?
What are you afraid of?
What do you believe is happening?


Social spaces

Get to know your neighbours and make new friends

Worship spaces

Discover the many ways to pray and praise God

Thinking spaces

Space to reflect in our busy lives

Creative spaces

Growing closer to God through the arts

Reading for Easter Sunday 12th April


Acts 10. 34-43

Psalm 118. 14-24

Colossians 3. 1-4

John 20. 1-18